How To Read Financial Statements

How To Read Financial Statements

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How to read financial statements

…..and make sense of the numbers!

Don’t have a degree in double-entry accounting?

Don’t know your debits from your credits?

Looking to extract more information and value from your business’ numbers?

This is the book for you!

How To Read Financial Statements

There is a wealth of information within a set of financial statements, if you know what you are looking for. Aimed at demystifying the jumble of numbers contained within a set of financial statements, you will learn how to read financial statements, and will be taken through:

  • A short history of accounting
  • Knowing your debits from your credits
  • What is included in a set of financial statements
  • Financial equations
  • Financial ratios
  • Putting it all together

With sample financial statements included and using worked examples, you will be taken through the process of extracting value information on any business so that you can:

  • Make better decisions on past performance
  • Set goals for future performance
  • Benchmark yourself against prior years, and your competitors
  • Identify key issues within your business that need fixing
  • Help improve your performance so your business is the best its ever been!

About the Author

Ian Wood B. Bus (Acc), LLB, CA

Ian is a Chartered Accountant, with over 20 years advising business and investment clients in all aspects of business advice, taxation and accounting.

Combining his technical skills with experience preparing, reviewing and analysing financial statements, Ian is able to bring insight to making sense of the numbers and making them useful to the reader.


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